Report: Consumer Protection

New Hampshire Lives at Risk

The Local Impact of Federal "Regulatory Reform" Proposals
Released by: NHPIRG


A new report by NHPIRG and Demos finds that Granite Staters lives, health and livelihoods would be at risk if so-called “regulatory reform” proposals were to become law, slowing or stopping the regulatory process.  The new report details the number of us who will likely be harmed by just a one-year delay in the creation of three popular upcoming rulemakings.

Key findings:

--As many as 486 preventable asthma attacks among New Hampshire children for each year the government fails to update the restriction on levels of toxic soot in our air.

--As many as 972 days of missed work or school due to air pollution-caused ailments

--As many as 43,000 preventable illnesses from contaminated food for each year the government fails to enact new rules to avoid produce contamination.

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