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Senate panel backs bill to require photo ID at polls

The Senate Public and Municipal Affairs Committee voted 4-1 to back Senate Bill 289, which requires a registered voter to present valid photo identification at the polls.

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Nuclear Plant Threatens Drinking Water, Study Says

Dangers assessed: Study says radioactive leaks from Seabrook or Vermont Yankee could impact millions.

Drinking water for almost 4 million people could be at risk of radioactive contamination from a leak or accident at the Seabrook nuclear power plant and over 3 million from Vermont Yankee, according to a study issued Monday which is disputed by some nuclear plants.

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Local Businesses React to NHPIRG Report

With the second anniversary approaching of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case, NHPIRG and Citizens for Tax Justice reveal 30 corporations that spent more to lobby Congress than they did in taxes.

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Eight Hundred Years Later, An Inspiration

First District Congressman Frank Guinta is facing some local push-back over a bill aimed at stripping away federal regulations.

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Executive Council Says No to Federal Money

Health insurance exchange: Many small business owners have complained about the rising cost of health care.

CONCORD —The Executive Council Wednesday turned down $333,000 in federal money to do a study to determine if the state should establish a health insurance exchange.


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